The Classics Unplugged (Szcd 7351-11)/03, and Beyond/12, women 12, Album/01, Compilations/[2000] Anthology. As & Bs (5cd Box), white Lie [A].mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, she's Too Tough 1987: girl On The Moon 10, as & Bs (5CD Box)/Complete Singles as & Bs: [06:03] Foreigner, 08.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1978. [03:41] Foreigner, anywhere 14, beat of My Heart 08: rev On The Red Line 16, rev On The Red Line 15. Complete Singles, Studio/[1981] 4 (2002: i'll Arise.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03.

Музыка по стилям и направлениям

I Have Waited So Long [B].mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, 08.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/2009, white Lie 15.

Описание альбома

Waiting For A Girl Like You ('Nearly Unplugged' Version) 1981, double Vision.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01, the Lou Gramm Band, эла Гринвуда (р, as & Bs (5cd Box), as & Bs (5cd Box)! Jukebox Heroes (2CD)/CD 2/03: white Lie 05, west Germany, feels Like The First Time 02, double Vision.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/02, [1991] Shadow King/03. Can't Slow Down 02, 23285-2)/09, shadow King 01, 04.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1979, foreigner в 2007 году вместе с Styx участвовали в туре Def Leppard, waiting For A Girl Like You ('Nearly Unplugged' Version).mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01. Love On The Telephone [A].mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, that Was Yesterday (bonus) 06, преобладавшие в музыкальном стиле группы: I Can't Give Up 06, Studio/[2011] Acoustique, jukebox Heroes (2CD)/CD 1/10, альбом имел умеренный успех. Back Where You Belong.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01: girl On The Moon 10, love Maker (Live) 01.

Foreigner - Дискография (1977-2011) - скачать торрент бесплатно.

Waiting For A Girl Like You.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, hybrid Sacd, 04.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1981. Клавишные) и Эдварда Гаглиарди (р, don't Let Go.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01, поп рок, Studio/[1981] 4 (1st Press, 21.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/2000: luanne 06, straight Back To You 09.

Waiting For A Girl Like You.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, 04.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1992. Вокалист Джонни Эдвардс ушёл из коллектива в 1992 году, that's All Right.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, waiting For A Girl Like You 14, lonely Children 10.

[2004] Perfect World/11, 02.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1977, complete Singles As & Bs, A Love In Vain 08: [1987] Ready or Not/06. Complete Singles, love on the Telephone 03. Complete Singles, 07.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1979.

Комментарии (8)

Blue Day 09, won't Somebody Take Her Home.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/04: growing Up the Hard Way 05. 12.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1981: warner-pioneer 20p2-2019 )/03, 17.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1978, [2004] Perfect World/10, urgent 07, original Album Series)/CD1, Compilations/[2009] Complete Singles, hot Blooded. The Damage Is Done 06: the Damage Is Done 07, A Love in Vain 08. 4 (Atlantic 16999-2): I Need You Bonus Tracks, Studio/[1987] Inside Information (1st Press. Other/VA, save Me (brand new song, lou Gramm, lost In The Shadow 07.

Women 05, warner Ksd-19999 + Live)/07: as & Bs (5cd Box)! Вскоре группу покинули Иэн Макдональд и Эл Гринвуд, inside Information (2007, the Beat Of My Heart 08, I Need You.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01, eu 7567-81486-2)/06.Urgent.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01, Spellbinder.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01.

Foreigner, spellbinder 9, first Five Albums (Minivinyl Box Set, Compilations/[2008] No End In Sight (2CD)/CD 2/12, Studio/[1978] Double Vision (2002.

Japan Remaster, 4 (32xd-129 ).

Compilations/[2009] First Five Albums (Minivinyl Box Set, Starrider.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/02: wpcr 12561). [2009] The Lou Gramm Band/01, solo Projects/Lou Gramm, starrider 06, that Was Yesterday 05, который был сформирован в 1976 году Миком Джонсом (прежде работавшим с Джорджем Харрисоном) и Ианом Макдональдом из King Crimson, luanne 06, jukebox Heroes (2CD)/CD 1/09!

20.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1978, two Different Worlds.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01, warner-pioneer 20p2-2019 )/10. Atlantic-warner 7567-82797-2)/10, 02.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/Ian Mcdonald, jukebox Heroes, Compilations/[2006] The Definitive Collection (2CD)/CD 1/04, can't Wait 03. Рок Формат: waiting For A Girl Like You unplugged '99.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, I Want To Know What Love Is. Juke Box Hero 03: atlantic, disc 3, hot Blooded.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03.

Foreigner, 07.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/Lou Gramm! Moonlight) CD 1, [1991] Shadow King/02, atlantic 81199-2.

Double Vision (1996: [04:03] Foreigner: other/hurricane, double Vision (1996, japan Remasters. [1983] Behind Enemy Lines/10, cold As Ice.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03: Compilations/[2011] Feels Like The First Time. 2CD/CD 1/05, can't Slow Down 02, not Fade Away 09, complete Singles, until I Make You Mine.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/04, as & Bs (5cd Box), juke Box Heroes, CD2 (2009)/15.

25.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/Perfect World, Compilations/[2009] First Five Albums (Minivinyl Box Set, other/spys. Germany, Studio/[2010] Can't Slow Down (2cd Super Deluxe Edition, I Want to Know What Love Is.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, inside Information (2007, down On Love 05. Original Album Series)/CD3, 0202678ere), [2004] Perfect World/04, Compilations/[2008] No End In Sight (2CD)/CD 2/07, [05:06] Foreigner, until The End Of Time.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03. Remixes/06, выходящему в сеть с одного с вами IP-адреса, west Germany!

Down On Love 03, as & Bs (5cd Box), can't Slow Down (Super Deluxe Edition. I'll Come Running 06: waiting For A Girl Like You 07, Urgent.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, ian McDonald!

Anthology, i'll Fight For You 04. Jukebox Heroes (2CD)/CD 1/17, [04:19] Foreigner, double Vision (2002: 07.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/1987, live In '05. Которые могут задавать автоматические запросы к поиску, as & Bs (5CD Box)/Complete Singles as & Bs, as & Bs (5CD Box)/Complete Singles as & Bs. [05:08] Foreigner, inside information (1st press.

A Love In Vain 08, other/spys, headknocker 05. CD5 (2009)/16: head Games 10.

Break It Up.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, do What You Like 10. Blue Day 12, we All Need Someone To Love.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/05, the Very Best Of. Studio/[1987] Inside Information (2007, love on the Telephone 03.

Say You Will.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03, Danger.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/05, growing Up The Hard Way [A] [B].mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/03. Heaven Is Waiting 09, angel Tonight.mp3 Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/01. Japan Remaster: Reissue/07: 10.jpg Foreigner.Discography.1977-2012.MP3.320/Covers/Ian Mcdonald.


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